Emile Berliner



  • Cover of AH! VOUS DIRAI-JE, MAMAN in 1889 - as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; spoken version on 5 inch Berliner Grammophon
  • Cover of GRAND DIEU SAUVE LE ROY in 1889 - as God Save The Queen on 5 inch disc; Queen Victoria that is
  • Cover of LORELEI LIED, DAS in 1889 - on Berliner 5 inch with a chorus
  • Cover of TIT-WILLOW in 1890s - one of his first successful attempts to record human voice comprehensively
  • Cover of TA RA RA BOOM DEE AY in 1891 - the inventor of the grammophone disc at one of his earliest experiments (see also: Auld Lang Syne)
  • Cover of GOTT ERHALTE FRANZ DEM KAISER in 1892 - to demonstrate his disc invention; Berliner was from Hanover, Germany


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