Elmore James



  • Cover of I BELIEVE I'LL DUST MY BROOM in 1951 - idem on Trumpet, in '52 as I Believe on Meteor, reissued on Ace in '55 (as I Believe My Time Ain't Long) and in '52 as She Just Won't Do Right on Checker; on the Trumpet version Elmore introduced the famous slide lick with a life of its own: B.B. King used it in Please Love Me, n°1 R&B in '53; Big Joe Turner used it in TV Mama, The Clovers in Down In The Alley ('57) and so on
  • Cover of RIDIN' IN THE MOONLIGHT in 1953 - as Make A Little Love
  • Cover of STRANGE KIND OF FEELING in 1953 - for Flair as Strange Kinda Feeling
  • Cover of CROSS ROAD BLUES in 1954 - as Standing At The Crossroads; same topic, own lyrics
  • Cover of SURE ENOUGH I DO in 1954 - for Flair as Sho' Nuff I Do, inspired by Guitar Slim's The Things That I Used To Do
  • Cover of BLUES BEFORE SUNRISE in 1955 - for Flair
  • Cover of IT HURTS ME TOO in 1957 - for Chief and for Vee-Jay; a second version from '63 became an R&B hit in '65
  • Cover of PLEASE SET A DATE in 1959 - as Baby Please Set A Date for Fire, saved up until '64
  • Cover of I MUST'VE DONE SOMEBODY WRONG in 1960 - as Done Somebody Wrong, crediting himself
  • Cover of FANNIE MAE in 1960 - same horn motiv (and producer) in Early One Morning
  • Cover of RAINY NIGHT BLUES in 1960 - idem
  • Cover of MINGLEWOOD BLUES in 1960 - as Rollin' And Tumblin'
  • Cover of LOOK ON YONDERS WALL in 1961 - as Look On Yonder Wall
  • Cover of MEAN MISTREATER in 1961 - released in '65
  • Cover of PERSON TO PERSON in 1961 - crediting himself, released in '68
  • Cover of RAMBLING ON MY MIND in 1961 - as So Unkind, released in '68
  • Cover of ANNA LOU BLUES in 1962 - as Anna Lee, the last single he witnessed; crediting himself
  • Cover of STRANGER'S BLUES in 1962 - the last single he witnessed (as Stranger Blues), crediting himself; most later versions follow his example
  • Cover of BOBBY'S ROCK in 1963 - as Pickin' The Blues during his very last recording session
  • Cover of NOBODY LOVES ME in 1963


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