Deep Purple



  • Cover of I'M SO GLAD in 1968 - on debut album Shades Of Deep Purple
  • Cover of KENTUCKY WOMAN in 1968
  • Cover of HUSH in 1968 - top 5 US
  • Cover of HEY JOE in 1968
  • Cover of BOMBAY CALLING in 1970 - melody partly but obviously used for their Child In Time
  • Cover of WE AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' YET in 1970 - as Black Night n°2 UK; same song foundation, admitted by Jon Lord; title Black Night came from Arthur Alexander and the tempo from Canned Heat (On The Road Again)
  • Cover of ROCK STAR in 1971 - obvious influence on Fireball
  • Cover of MIDSOMMERVAKA in 1972 - Richie Blackmore sidestepping during Lazy on live album Made In Japan
  • Cover of FASCINATING RHYTHM in 1974 - riff throughout Burn, title track of their first album in the Mark III line-up; vocal: David Coverdale
  • Cover of STATESBORO BLUES in 1975
  • Cover of ROADHOUSE BLUES in 2017


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