Charles Aznavour



  • Cover of JEZEBEL in 1952 - French translator
  • Cover of ENFANT, UNE in 1956 - author as Une Enfant
  • Cover of JE HAIS LES DIMANCHES in 1958 - author
  • Cover of ANGES DANS NOS CAMPAGNES, LES in 1961 - n°2 Fr as La Marche des anges, with own lyrics and in a march arrangement by Georges Garvarentz in film Un Taxi pour Tobrouk
  • Cover of ET POURTANT in 1963 - n°2 Fr
  • Cover of HIER ENCORE in 1967 - as Yesterday When I Was Young; translated by Herbert Kretzmer
  • Cover of ETUDE #1 in Cis Op. 2 in 1971 - as Mourir d'aimer; title theme of a film with Annie Girardot as Gabrielle Russier, a teacher tragically falling in love with a pupil
  • Cover of PLAISIRS DÉMODÉS, Les in 1973 - as The Old Fashioned Way hit NL, B & UK
  • Cover of SHE in 1975 - as Tous les visages de l'amour


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