Billy Branch & The Sons Of Blues


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  • Cover of RECONSIDER BABY in 1982
  • Cover of KOKOMO BLUES in 2000 - idem; born educator Billy Branch works his ass of every forthnite teaching this bloody blues classic to a bunch of problematic schoolkids in the projects which he just provided with an harmonica, their first musical instrument ever; at the end of this two week training session he promises they will all be offered a staged appearance before a live audience (their parents and school mates) playing Sweet Home Chicago along with a self composed blues song and backed up by The Sons Of The Blues; no kidding; it's called Blues In Schools and it works! Both home in Chicago and abroad; he even teached in Antwerp, Belgium
  • Cover of LAST NIGHT in 2019
  • Cover of MELLOW DOWN EASY in 2019
  • Cover of DIS TRAIN in 2019 - on a Little Walter tribute


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