St. Germain


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  • Cover of DEVIL JUMPED THE BLACK MAN, THE in 1994 - samples in The Black Man
  • Cover of STRANGER HERE in 1995 - samples throughout Alabama Blues
  • Cover of HARRY'S PHILOSOPHY in 2000 - vocal and guitar sample in Sure Thing on top of Windy C's intro by 100% Pure Poison from '74
  • Cover of WOMAN OF THE GHETTO in 2000 - sample in Rose Rouge on a doubled groove of Take Five (Dave Brubeck)
  • Cover of STALAG 17 in 2000 - in La Goutte D'Or
  • Cover of YOU CAUSED MY HEART TO WEEP in 2015 - samples throughout Real Blues; he also sampled Lightnin' Hopkins in Alabama Blues (see: Stranger Here) and in The Black Man (see: The Devil Jumped The Black Man)


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Arnold Rypens
Rozenlaan 65
B-2840 Reet (Rumst)

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