Serge Gainsbourg



  • Cover of POINCONNEUR DES LILAS, LE in 1958 - his first hit
  • Cover of AMOURS PERDUES, LES in 1961
  • Cover of JAVANAISE, LA in 1963 - on EP Vilaine fille, mauvais garçon
  • Cover of STRIP-TEASE in 1963 - casted as the piano player in film Strip-Tease; organ instrumental
  • Cover of SAISON DES PLUIES, LA in 1963 - male version
  • Cover of AKIWOWO (CHANT OF THE TRAINMAN) in 1964 - as New York-USA; go-between was Guy Béart; they sing Akiwoko
  • Cover of UMQOKOZO in 1964 - as Pauvre Lola without credits
  • Cover of JIN-GO-LO-BA in 1964 - as Marabout; see also Akiwowo; one out of three tracks Serge lifted off that Drums Of Passion album, the third one being Joanna, a cover of Olatunji's Kiyakiya
  • Cover of KIYA KIYA in 1964 - as Joanna on Gainsbourg Percussions
  • Cover of SYMPHONY N°9 IN E MINOR, OP. 95 (NEW WORLD) - FIRST MOVEMENT in 1967 - inspiration for The Initials BB
  • Cover of MONSIEUR WILLIAM in 1968
  • Cover of ANAMOUR, L' in 1969 - author
  • Cover of SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES in 1975 - on Rock Around The Bunker; Smoke Gets In Your Eyes used to be Eva Braun's favorite song, driving Hitler mad
  • Cover of IN A PERSIAN MARKET in 1977 - inspiration for My lady heroine
  • Cover of CHANT DE GUERRE DE L'ARMEE DU RHIN in 1978 - as Aux Armes Etcaetera; in '81 Gainsbourg bought one of the two existing original manuscripts of the 'Marsaillaise' for 135.000 FF; the second refrain is not written out, instead it reads: Aux armes et caetera...; in his second Gainsbourg book Parcours Gainsbourg (Epo - '17) author Rudolf Hecke comes up with a second coincidence: Lucien Ginsburg was discovered (and changed his stage name) in cabaret Milord l'Arsouille, n°5, Rue de Beaujolais in the 1st arrondissement in Paris, located in the same building where in 1792 the 'Marseillaise' was first performed in public
  • Cover of YOU RASCAL, YOU (I'LL BE GLAD WHEN YOU'RE DEAD) in 1980 - as Vieille canaille; later also in duet with Eddy Mitchell
  • Cover of MON LEGIONNAIRE in 1987 - this may be a 'women only'-song, but Serge was always in for controversy
  • Cover of SZOMORÚ VASÁRNAP in 1987


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