Basement Jaxx


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  • Cover of I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES in 1999 - sample in Miracles Keep On Playing
  • Cover of MERENGUE in 1999 - essential sample in Bingo Bango
  • Cover of ON MY RADIO in 1999 - samples in Same Old Show
  • Cover of FAR BEYOND in 1999 - substantial sample in Red Alert; hit UK
  • Cover of MAMBO ITALIANO in 2000
  • Cover of FUNGII MAMA in 2001 - substantial sample of the Kenny Barron Trio version in Do Your Thing
  • Cover of YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE in 2001 - vocal sample "Just one kiss will make it better" in Jus 1 Kiss
  • Cover of M.E. in 2001 - sample in Where's Your Head At?, along with a less substantial sample of Gary Numan's This Wreckage
  • Cover of SLEEP WALK in 2009 - in A Possibility


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Arnold Rypens
Rozenlaan 65
B-2840 Reet (Rumst)

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