Led Zeppelin



  • Cover of BABY COME ON HOME in 1968 - outtake first album as Tribute To Bert Berns, unreleased till Boxed Set 2 in '93, also on CODA
  • Cover of BABE (I'M GONNA LEAVE YOU) in 1969 - not crediting Brendon initially; see footnote
  • Cover of DOWN BY BLACKWATERSIDE in 1969 - elements in instrumental Black Mountain Side; Page learned it from Al Stewart who knew it from Bert Jansch who knew it from Anne Briggs who knew it from Bert Lloyd who teached Briggs the Mary Doran version
  • Cover of BRING IT ON HOME in 1969 - without proper credits; ARC publishing had to sue them
  • Cover of DAZED AND CONFUSED in 1969 - on first album; Jake wasn't credited
  • Cover of GIRL I LOVE, SHE GOT LONG CURLY HAIR, THE in 1969 - BBC session as The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair
  • Cover of HOW MANY MORE YEARS in 1969 - as How Many More Times but more a cover of Wolf's No Place To Go; self credited as usual
  • Cover of HUNTER, The in 1969 - in How Many More Times, uncredited
  • Cover of I CAN'T QUIT YOU BABY in 1969
  • Cover of KILLING FLOOR in 1969 - as The Lemon Song and crediting themselves
  • Cover of NERVOUS BREAKDOWN in 1969 - guitar and some lyrics (opening line "I'm a-havin' a nervous breakdown") in Communication Breakdown
  • Cover of WATCH YOUR STEP in 1969 - guitar riff in Moby Dick
  • Cover of YOU NEED LOVE in 1969 - as Whole Lotta Love, obviously heard the Small Faces arrangement; Robert Plant was a big Steve Marriott fan
  • Cover of TRAVELING RIVERSIDE BLUES in 1969 - BBC session
  • Cover of BLUE GUITAR in 1969 - idem
  • Cover of MAID FREED FROM THE GALLOWS, THE in 1970 - idem
  • Cover of SHAKE 'EM ON DOWN in 1970 - as Hats Off To (Roy) Harper and in Custard Pie from Physical Graffiti ('75)
  • Cover of SOMETHIN' ELSE in 1970 - BBC session
  • Cover of NEVER in 1970 - as Since I've Been Loving You, taking the credits
  • Cover of GROOVIN' in 1970 - as We're Gonna Groove, opening track of their UK & European tour; released in '82 on Coda; outtake of their second lp
  • Cover of KEY TO THE HIGHWAY in 1970 - outtake Led Zeppelin III
  • Cover of WAGONER'S LAD, THE in 1970 - guitar riff of Bert Jansch' version in Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (see also: Blackwaterside)
  • Cover of YOU CAN'T COME IN in 1971 - drum intro Rock And Roll identical to the one in Little Richard's Keep A-Knockin'
  • Cover of TAURUS in 1971 - acoustic guitar part at the beginning of their famous Stairway To Heaven; Spirit was part of the bill during Led Zeppelin's first American tour
  • Cover of WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS in 1971
  • Cover of I WANT SOME OF YOUR PIE in 1975 - as Custard Pie crediting themselves; Robert Plant saw Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee live in Birmingham in 1964; first part of Custard Pie is lyrically related to Sleepy John Estes's Drop Down Mama ('35); both Fuller & Estes deserved equal credits
  • Cover of JESUS MAKE UP MY DYIN' BED in 1975 - idem; crediting themselves
  • Cover of OOH! MY SOUL in 1975 - as Boogie With Stu; co-crediting Ritchie Valens' widow
  • Cover of IT'S NOBODY'S FAULT BUT MINE in 1976 - crediting themselves
  • Cover of SHE LIKES IT in 1982 - influenced Poor Tom


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